Take control of your tablets, smartphones, watches and robots and learn how you can transform and enhance your classroom by exploring a huge range of lesson experiences, cases studies, AppDates and more!

As you explore this learning space you will discover ways in which you can ‘mash’ your current teaching and learning practices with future learning innovations. Through the integration of technology to enhance learning we can deliver education in the 21st century creating students who are creative, innovative and motivated lovers of learning.

Jason Milner is a teacher in Sydney, Australia working in Primary Education with 5 to 12-year-olds. He is a technology leader at his school and is passionate about education and learning.

Jason sees education as a living and breathing environment, which is impacted by change both around the world and in local societies. He believes that innovation, creativity, collaboration and communication are all key factors in the ecosystem of education. Without these ‘creatures’ students will not reach their full potential.

Jason has provided professional development both nationally and international at conferences such as Apple Distinguished Conferences and iPadpalooza.