Lights, Camera, Action-Using iPads to Comprehend

Make sure you check out the lesson descriptions below. The first chapter book I read was Gizmo by Paul Jennings I remember the day I picked it up and began reading it and then the day I finished reading. I was so excited my first ‘big person book’ completed! Was I now a grown up? Getting…

The Story of: ‘Stories of a Lifetime’

Stories are what allow us to share some of the most complex and oldest ideas from around the world. They help us understand, feel others people’s emotions, unlock what drives them and further explore their thoughts and ideas. Many cultures from around the world use stories in their teachings and are the pages of their history books….

Book Creator-A Unit in Reflection

I have been using a fantastic app called Book Creator. This app allows users to create a digital book with the ability to insert a wide range of digital media. I have been using this app as the centre of a variety of different Challenge Based Learning tasks and have found it to be a very…


I have never seen such positively motivated students completing exam before. Motivating your students through Gamification and Kahoot.

A Case Study-The power of motivation and immersion Class BK1

I had the absolute pleasure of learning with Class BK1. This class had been developed to assist these students in further building social skills and provided them with further academic assistance. As soon as I walked into the room I was great with 10 smiling faces and many different questions from these Year 7-9 students….

First impressions of Sint Ursula Secondary School Horn, Netherlands

I have had and amazing experience of visiting schools around Europe over the past month. I have used this blog to share my journey and the different stories I have come across through my journey. I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Sint Ursula Secondary School, an amazing school in the village of Horn in the…